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Our Sacred Alchemy TeleSeminar Series is now airing globally the 4th Saturday of each month at 11am PDT. Hosted by Awakening Heart Network, these 2 hour Soul Advancing Healing TeleSeminars bring more in depth teachings, trainings, tools, remedies and offerings at an unbelievable low price, furthering the Soul Advancement of our Global Community of Light.

During each TeleSeminar, Dr. Aurora Ariel answers questions, facilitates healings and a Divine Healing Transmission/Global Activation as well as providing beautiful packages each time to help you continue to Actualize your Greatest Potential and Fulfill Your Highest Divine Destiny.

A $198 Value for only $33 a month, we hope you will join us in our ever Ascending Spiral of Divinely inspired offerings from the Realms of Light… partaking of our Global Healing Forum and Sacred Alchemy TeleSeminars monthly as we all rise together in the divinely orchestrated Ascension in the Light.

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Your $33 Tax Deductible Donation Supports our Global Healing Mission!

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