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Divine Abundance Activations
by Mother Mary and Amora Elohim of Love
to assist you in living an Abundant Life. ($33 value)

In the tradition of the Oracles of Delphi, whose ministry helped allow Divine Ones to speak to humanity at a time of great need, these Divine Healing Transmissions facilitated by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD, are designed for the advancement of humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. Partaking of them allows powerful healings and timely activations to take place. These Divine Healing Transmissions are powerful healing releases resolving soul dilemmas where a shift in perspective is available as Divine Miracles take place. The Temple of Sacred Alchemy is activated and Divine Ones step forth to administer to you that can include your personal angels, Inner Healer, Divine Sponsors, and Higher Self.

As in ancient times, when Oracles accessed Divine Realms to bring forth timely Healings, Initiations, Activations, Insights and Knowledge… these timely offerings from Realms on High can include Soul Advancing Activations, DNA recoding, Brain Chemistry Balancing, Pineal Activation, Third Eye Opening, Chakra Clearing, Relationship Healing, Self Image Restoration, and more. Powerful, landmark healings can take place. The more open and ready the recipient, the more that can take place, healing family dynamics and patterns and positively affecting everyone in the lineage, while also working at deep levels within the psyche of humanity bringing positive change to Awakening Souls worldwide.

These Divine Healing Transmissions address the challenging configurations that keep you from actualizing your full potential. If you’re seeking direction, ready to go the next level in your Life’s Purpose and/or to bring forth your unique offerings, the Activation you receive can catapult you into the next level of your Awakening, Soul Advancement, and Service accelerating you tremendously. If you’ve been dealing with a condition, situation or relationship you feel trapped in or held back by and are ready to step free, these Healing Activations can give you a safe compassionate forum that motivates clarity and change. Insightful and dynamic, these healings, activations and clearings can transform the way you see yourself and your situation, bringing you timely insights, while healing the underlying causes to catalyze fast positive change.

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