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7 Sacred Codes Activations
7 Ray Activations by 7 Divine Ones in the Realms of Light

Experience 7 Powerful Divine Healing Transmissions from 7 Divine Ones in the Realms of Light (Sanat Kumara and Venus, Helios and Vesta, El Morya, 7 Holy Kumaras from Venus, Mother Mary, Pallas Athena, and Alpha and Omega) and watch your life completely transform from the inside out. This tremendous release of light is unparalleled in humanity's experience as a host of Divine Ones serve an Awakening World at this historic time, heralding in a Golden Age of Great Abundance and Prosperity for all.
In the traditions of the Oracle of Delphi, Divine Healing Transmissions through Aurora bring timely insights, wisdom and assistance to an Awakening World. Profound healing can take place as you experience this powerful Divine Activation from the Realms of Light. A gift to humanity at a time of Great Awakening, you can undergo a tremendous Soul Advancement each time you partake of this Sacred Offering to your soul and the personal Divine Assistance you receive. As the human self, with all its limitations clears away, your Divine Self rises into the glory that is meant for you to embody, anchoring Heaven on Earth in your own life experience. It is then you can realize your greatest potential and fulfill your Highest Destiny on Earth.
Each time you listen to the activation, you receive a great impetus of LIGHT through the powerful Divine Healing Transmissions and healing music. Each one has specific actions to assist you in your Soul Advancement, accelerating your Soul Evolution and Ascension into your Eternal Immortal Self, assisting you to fully Self Actualize and fulfill your Highest Destiny Potential. The more you listen to it, the more can take place assisting you in a fast acceleration and unparalleled Soul Advancement rarely seen on Earth. The Sacred Healing Songs are by Aurora Juliana Ariel and Bruce BecVar and hold Divine Matrices and New Archetypes for a more enlightened era, accelerating your Awakening and alignment with the Highest Divine Plan.. which is a glorious Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace.
What can take place: As you experience this life transforming Sacred Alchemy that allows all that you are ready to release to be healed and transformed many positive Divine Actions will be occurring on your behalf. This can include DNA restoration and recoding, Pineal Cleanse and Activation, 3rd Eye Clearing, rejuvenation and realignment of every atom, cell and electron of your body with the Divine Intention (which is radiant health, energy, and vitality), as well as a deep Soul Healing of human programs and matrixes, setting you to free to live more fully in your Authentic Self, bringing your Sacred Offerings to the world.  
About the Oracle: Called into a extraordinary service beginning in her youth, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD is an Oracle and Vessel of Positive Planetary Change. Facilitating Divine Healing Transmissions from the Realms of Light in her monthly Global Healing Forums, these Activations are assisting in transforming lives worldwide. Aurora is a Universal Presence of great good will, catalyzing those who come into contact with her into their Authentic Selves. Her healing is very powerful. She works with the Realms of Light to bring healing on the deepest levels, clearing lifetimes of accumulated debris, including disempowering beliefs, patterns, karma and programming. The result is a return to the Authentic Self, where the client can actualize a greater potential and fulfill a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programs would have dictated. Aurora has been a Vessel of Light and Healing since her teens. Her healing work has had miraculous results with a host of conditions once thought incurable, unchangeable, or irreversible, freeing people across the world from what would have been life sentences of suffering.



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