A New Frontier in Personal and Planetary Transformation

Dr. Aurora Ariel's pioneering work in the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Health culminated in the landmark discovery that the subconscious holds the key to understanding the dire potentials before humanity and that subconscious programming is the root cause of suffering. By scientifically isolating each subconscious component perpetuating suffering, Dr. Ariel found that when she applied her healing technology, she was able to change the programming that would have relegated her clients to a sad fate. She also trains people to do this healing for themselves utilizing TheQuest Self Healing System. By healing these patterns, individuals are restored to their innate identity and can fulfill a higher potential. 

Over the years, the most complex cases have been brought to her with miraculous results. Countless individuals are now released from what would have been life sentences of suffering in conditions once thought incurable, unchangeable or irreversable. Many have benefited from her holiistic approach with advanced healing protocols and personalized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plans that moved them quickly into a life they never dreamed possible.

No longer relegated to a fate dictated by subconscious programming, the results have been a tremendous testimony to the power of the human spirit to rise out of the ashes of the human condition to fulfill a Higher Destiny than the fate that would have been dictated by their human patterns. Dr. Ariel found the way! The achievements of her clients and students speak to a miraculous way of life that only now, in our time, has become available. Dr. Ariel is one of the pioneers leading humanity out of the Dark Night of past ages.

Proving a way out of this age old dilemma through applying TheQuest Principles and Practice in her own life as well, Dr. Ariel has demonstrated that even the worst experiences can be overcome. "Humanity no longer needs to live out of the wounds of the past, leading a limited, disempowered existence, perpetuating the unconscious actions of their ancestors. When you heal your life, you change your destiny!"

Trainings in TheQuest are available through TheQuest University, which offers 7 level certification courses. Some of the upper levels are virtual classes so that people anywhere in the world can attend and be certified. Upon graduation they can set up practices, chapters and or centers in their area. In this way, communities around the world are served.

Levels 1-3, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny Forums, take place in locations around the world for those wanting to Master the Art of Self Healing and fulfill a Higher Destiny Potential. They are also part of TheQuest Rehabilitation Models for prisons, rehab centers, and programs for Youth At Risk, Veterans with PTSD, and abused women. The University is also offering 7-10 day intensives in countries around the world.

Dr. Ariel's commitment to bring TheQuest to the layperson in a method that is easy to apply, resulted in TheQuest Self Healing System, which includes TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique, TheQuest Healing Journal, and her groundbreaking book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny, which she is offering to the world FREE, “so that people everywhere can have these powerful life mastery tools to heal and restore their lives.”

TheQuest Self Healing System
TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny book

TheQuest Healing Journal
TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique CD

TheQuest: A Timely Remedy for a World in Transition

Self Esteem can be Repaired. Confidence Restored.

Weight loss can take place quickly.

Depression can end with one session and a Journey of Discovery begin. TheQuest Work is miraculous and fast!

For our Teens and Youth at Risk, passing on this self-healing technology can make the difference between a dysfunctional life and a positive future.

For women who have been abused, TheQuest Self Healing System not only removes scars and restores lives, it gets to the heart of challenging life conditions and heals them. In this way, women can successfully emerge from the program and not recreate or accept abuse in their lives.

Addicts can heal the deep pain that caused them to self medicate and step free from a life sentence of addiction and all the misery, loss, and pain it causes.

Inmates can be completely rehabilitated and emerge back into society as healthy individuals who have something worthwhile to contribute.

Veterans with PTSD can clear the horrific memories that are plaguing their life and return to PEACE.

Relationships can be healed, LOVE and Harmony restored.

The changes you make today will be the future you are living tomorrow!
Why wait when you can be living a higher destiny now?

  • Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD Creator of TheQuest